Axial Icon铝制避震套装

Axial推出Icon铝制避震套装,完全获得Icon Vehicle Dynamics™公司授权制造.使用这款铝制CNC工艺制造的避震器后,整个避震行程更流畅顺滑.包含钛合金避震芯,高精度活塞和强化避震筒.这款产品适合全系列SCX10攀爬车使用.
CNC machined pistons, shock bodies and reservoirs for a precise fit
Polyoxymethylene – (POM/thermoplastic) shock pistons offer smooth action
Clear anodized shock bodies and reservoirs
Titanium nitride coated shock shafts for durability
Dual rate springs
Includes steel ball studs
All hardware for assembly included
New shock pistons, bodies and reservoirs are compatible with all SCX10 shocks
Two shocks per package