Xray XB9 2013版

XRAY XB9公布了2013款新车的详细资料。使用了Xray下一代越野车设计理念:Multi-Flex™ 扭动可调、全新优化重量分布、加长和加宽底板、大扭力离合器、全新转向座等组件都被用在13版XB9新车上。新的XB9更易操控,厂车手和一些普通玩家已经对新版XB9进行了长时间多种赛道环境进行了测试。证明新车除了有更好驾驭性能,更高弯道速度外,可靠性和耐用度都得到了提升。



XB9’13 – New Features:
– New longer and wider chassis for increased stability and weight balance
– New engine position and internal component layout to improve performance, efficiency and durability
– New updated side guards
– New fuel tank with floating stone type fuel filter
– New high-torque clutch set
– New heavier high-torque flywheel
– New high-torque clutch shoes
– New high-torque clutch springs
– New 16° caster blocks suitable for majority of track conditions
– New steering blocks for increased corner speed
– New Ackermann position for increased corner speed
– New Hudy Spring Steel turnbuckles with – New size
– New front shock tower with – New roll center positions
– New rear shock to accommodate optional longer chassis brace
– New longer muffler mounting to accommodate all types of mufflers
xb9 2013