Mugen MBX7

日本无限精机(Mugen Seiki)推出MBX7 1/8竞赛级油动越野车!MBX7设计团队力求提高车子的弯道速度、增加抓地力、降低重心和全面减轻传动部件重量。全新前悬挂摇臂让车子可以更高的速度入弯,尾悬挂除了增加抓地力外也让车子的跳跃过程更流畅。 轻量化传动组件全面提升车子的行走性能,15mm大容量避震器、全新刹车组件和新设计的油箱都出现在MBX7新车上,敬请期待!12月上市!

– 3mm A7075 hard anodised chassis
– Lightweight spur gear
– Lightweight conical gears
– Straight cut conical and ring gears
– Specialized designed front upper and lower suspension arm, front hub carriers, rear suspension arms and hub carriers.
– Fully adjustable steering with new geometry, servo saver and Ackermann plate.
– 15mm hard anodised threaded shocks with 3.5mm shock shaft and rubber shock boots
– 5mm A7075 aluminium front shock tower
– 4mm A7075 aluminium rear shock tower
– 5mm A7075 aluminium lower suspension mounts for optimised geometry
– Specialized brake system with new brake cam front/rear brakes, brake linkage and brake disc
– Small composite moulded receiver box & low centre of gravity battery holder
– Special designed fuel tank with an internal fuel clunk pick up
– E0710 heavy duty aluminium clutch shoes
– Stylish mid-cab body
– High down force wing which is adjustable front to back

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