Associated RC10B44.2 Factory Team kit

Associated(AE)的RC10B44越野车已经获得了两个IFMAR世界冠军头衔和四次ROAR全美冠军荣誉。全新的RC10B44.2新车承载着B44车架的优良基因进行了升级改良。加入了Factory Team 12mm大容量避震器(强化避震筒),TiN 3mm避震芯,避震性能大幅提升。升级了的2.5mm厚度碳纤底板,底板长度加长了8mm,宽度收窄了3mm,除了可以提高车架的行走稳定性之外,操控也更灵敏。全新的锂电快速拆装系统、VTS限滑装置都配置到新车上。 JConcepts Finnisher车壳也是标准配置,AE这台RC10B44.2四驱电动越野车绝对是顶尖产品,应有的传统电越设计加上全新的高性能组件,让这辆电越能够征服全球各大赛场。

RC10B44.2 Factory Team Kit Features:

Factory Team 12mm ‘Big Bore’ hard anodized aluminum threaded shocks with TiN “Gold” 3mm shock shafts
Updated 2.5mm carbon-fiber chassis +8mm optimized for LiPo saddle packs
VTS slipper (variable torque, multi-plate slipper with 3 drive surfaces) assembly featuring a high-rate spring
Composite battery trays allow for battery position adjustment with integrated spacers and quick-change battery straps
Updated 3.5mm front shock tower and 3.0mm rear shock tower designed specifically for the new 12mm shocks
Factory Team 12mm aluminum rear clamping hexes and rear hex wheels
Updated front top deck for increased rigidity featuring locking antenna mount
Factory Team 7075-T6 blue aluminum 0° rear hubs with oversized outer bearing
Updated front suspension arm for increased durability
Blue aluminum cam-type motor mount for easier and more secure gear mesh adjustments
JConcepts Finnisher +8mm body (clear) and Factory Team protective chassis tape included

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